Plumbing & Heating

We charge £80 for the first hour on all jobs and £30 for every half an hour thereafter. This rate will only apply to jobs which take four hours or less, any work exceeding four hours will be charged at our daily rate of £260.

A fee of £110 for the first hour and £45 for every half an hour thereafter will be charged for after hours emergency plumbing:

  • On bank holidays
  • Between 6pm and 8am from Monday to Thursday
  • Weekends between 5pm on Friday afternoon and 8am on Monday morning
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Building Projects

The joy you experience after renovating your house should far outweigh the cost, disruption and anxiety associated with it. That is why we do all we can to make our building projects as stress free as possible by providing free, fully comprehensive quotations which include:

  • A step-by-step explanation of the work to be carried out
  • The length of time the project will take
  • The materials required
  • A fixed labour and materials cost

Should you require clarification on any aspect of the quotation we encourage you to discuss it with us before the project begins, changes to the initial quotation after the work has commenced may incur additional charges.

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The fine print

  • We carry a £2 million public liability insurance.
  • All building work is carried out in line with current building regulations.
  • Unless advised to the contrary our rates include parking and congestion charges.
  • Our quoted prices are fixed. However, although we are confident they will reflect an accurate cost and timeline, due to the nature of building projects additional costs may be incurred in cases where:
    - Setbacks arise which are beyond our control and cannot be prevented
    - Additional work is required to complete the project which was not obviously noticeable when the quotation was accepted
    - The scope of the work quoted was changed by you after commencement.
  • Materials purchased on your behalf will incur a 15% handling fee.
  • Insurance Reports will be charged at a nominal fee of £50.00 excluding VAT to cover the site inspection and report writing costs.